A part of the RaptR™ Liner Cleanup System the RaptR™ Relockable Safety Swivel is a downhole safety device which prevents twist-off of the drill pipe due to over-torque which can be relocked when desired.


  • External shear pins can easily be removed or added on site to achieve the desired over-torque shear rating
  • Upper Bearing and Lower Bearing allow rotation in compression and tension
  • Internal circulation system keeps the Lower and Upper bearings cooled and lubricated when in use
  • Simple ball activated relocking method to relock the swivel during operations to allow full string rotation if required
  • Compatible with other OWS ArmRdilloTM WellBore Clean-up tools


  • Cost savings
  • Maximize chemical clean-up and displacement efficiency by allowing high speed rotation inside the production liner
  • Increases Well Productivity
  • A properly executed wellbore clean-up removes fine debris which can block screens and pore throats reducing well productivity
  • Reducing Non-Productive Time
  • Prevents unnecessary fishing jobs


  • Allows circulation above a Packer or other similar type tool
  • Allows circulation above a packed off Wellbore Filter Tool
  • Jetting, Circulating, Tripping Dry Pipe
  • Drillstring BHA relief valve if bit gets plugged


  • Determine the torque protection setting of the RaptR™ Relockable Safety Swivel and add or remove the shear screws at surface as required
  • In the event of excessive torque in the lower string below the RaptR™ Relockable Safety Swivel the shear pins will shear which activates the swivel
  • With the swivel activate the internal impeller system continuously flushes the bearings to keep them cooled and lubricated. The swivel works in both tension and compression
  • If desired the RaptR™ Relockable Safety Swivel can be re-locked by dropping an activation ball and pumping down to a ball seat. By applying pressure the spring-loaded locking mechanism is cocked. Increasing the pressure blows the ball seat to re-establish flow to the bit and relocks the swivel