Viddacom Tank Cleaning Services (VTCS)

Viddacom Tank Cleaning Services (VTCS) was formed in 2014 to focus on the needs of our rental tank, Liquid Brine Plant and customers requirement. The company grew from having a handful of VTCS Units available to support our internal operation needs to now one of the local Bruneian independent Tank Cleaning service companies.

The VTCS equipment and technology are both owned by Viddacom and the most reliable technology with high standard services.

BENEFIT – Man Hours & Operating Cost

  • Minimum Confine Space Entry
  • Reduce HSE exposure to personnel and operator
  • Minimum personnel required
  • Recycling used water (Reduce treatment cost and disposal cost)
  • Mobile Unit with complete tool
  • VTCS is also designed for Vessel, Offshore rigs & Platform
  • Minimum time consuming for standard cleaning operation
  • VTCS Unit is available and ready in Brunei
  • Reduce POB (rig tank cleaning operation)