The keys to project success will undoubtedly be effective market segmentation through identification to several niche markets and implementation strategies.

The key success factors will include the following:-

  1. Excellent in fulfilling the promise. Completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise and service(s) through the provision of an uncompromising service.
  2. Timeouts response to client’s order. We cannot afford to delay the clients whatever reason, as this will have a negative bearing of our image, reputation and future business. We need to continually communicating with the client, ensuring we provide needs-based solutions.
  3. Skill and depth of knowledge. Considering the nature of the services and their relative infancy on the market, the skill and depth knowledge of our personnel is of utmost importance in determining the provision to our client’s and prospect.
  4. Clear product and marketing positioning. Not wanting to be associated with the numerous vendors on the market, we intend to aggressively market our business and the services we provide in the order to be at the top of our client’s minds.
  5. Developing visibility to generate new business leads.
  6. Identifying a critical mass of high profitability clients.
  7. Establishing an appropriate organization and obtaining necessary financing
  8. Obtaining all necessary leases, agreements, permits, licenses and right-of- way in a timely manner and reasonable terms.
  9. Forming partnership or alliances to share risks and to facilitate access to facilities, right-of-way and services.
  10. Clearly articulating and “selling” concept to our clients
  11. Establishing marketing channels and overcoming barriers of entry.
  12. Controlling costs to meet and exceed pricing objectives.
  13. Leveraging the best current and newly developed technologies to obtain top-quality IT solutions that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.