The Liner Landing Sub is a simple but effective means of landing out in a Liner Top PBR or other profile in the wellbore to activate any type of weight set tool.


  • Single piece mandrel
  • Large bypass slots to maximize fluid bypass
  • Tapered non-damaging lead shoulder


  • Run as part of a wellbore cleaning assembly which requires weight activation to function a wellbore clean-up tool
  • Available with all common connection sizes and to fit all casing sizes


  • Select the appropriate tool based on the drill string connections and required strengths
  • Place the tool at the crossover between the Upper and Lower tapered strings spaced out at appropriate depth to engage the Liner Top ensuring the string does not bottom out at TD
  • The weight activated tools will be deployed above the Liner Landing Sub
  • Weight can be applied directly to the Liner Top PBR to function the weight set tools