The LCT– Liner Top Circulating Tool is a robust and simple circulating tool which can be opened and closed by string manipulation. It is landed onto a Liner Top or similar restriction to allow circulation of the casing above. The LCT– Liner Top Circulating Tool is available to suite common casing and liner combinations.


  • Functioned by manipulating string weight with out the use of darts or balls
  • Can be opened and closed multiple times without limitation
  • Shear ring is available with several shear ratings to suit requirements
  • Can be used when milling or drilling operations
  • Reverse circulation capability before and after shearing
  • Robust splined drive system for torque transmittal
  • Robust assembly method with back-ups
  • Compatible with other OWS ArmRdillo™ wellbore clean-up tools


  • Cost savings
    • The LCT-Liner Top Circulating Tool significantly reduces the time to displace wells by allowing the large casing above a liner to be displaced separately
    • Reduces chemical consumption and brine filtration when used in combination with a well-engineered chemical displacement
    • The LCT-Liner Top Circulating Tool can be opened and closed at exactly the right moment to accurately spot pills reducing waste volumes
  • Increases Well Productivity
    • A properly executed wellbore clean-up reduces fine debris which can block screens and pore throats reducing well productivity
  • Reducing Non-Productive Time
    • A robust wellbore clean-up is proven to reduce nonproductive time during the completion of the well


  • Pre-completion wellbore clean-up operations which include a larger diameter casing and a smaller diameter liner


  • The LCT- Liner Top Circulating Tool can be run independently or as part of a comprehensive wellbore clean-up string
  • The LCT- Liner Top Circulating Tool has an integral landing sleeve which lands out inside the Liner Top PBR
  • Whilst running in the hole, the string can be reciprocated and rotated to allow the scrapers and other tools to clean the critical depths
  • When required the tool is functioned by applying and maintaining string weight to allow circulation of the casing through the opened tool ports
  • Chemical pills can be pumped to displace the liner and casing separately and more accurately than using conventional ball activated tools
  • To close the tool ports pick up off the liner top