The DrillRdillo Drilling Scraper is a 360° contact robust scraper tool with retracted scraper blades which can be activated when desired through ball drop. It is designed to be run in a drilling string in a switched-off mode while drilling open holes section. When wanted the blades are activated to allow scraping of the casing.


  • 12 robust scraper blades arranged to provide 360° coverage of the casing wall
  • Blades are retracted within the body to prevent damage or sticking during drilling operations
  • When required a simple and reliable ball drop is used to activate the blades
  • Single piece body made from high strength steel
  • Carbide faced ribs for robustness


  • Cost savings
    • Eliminates the need for a dedicated scraper run
  • Increases Well Productivity
    • Reduces time between drilling to target depth and running completions
  • Integrity
    • Mitigates premature lower completion failure


  • Scraping the liner hanger / lower completion packer setting depth in same run as hole section drill out
  • Unstable open hole formations where time to land lower completion is critical


  • Space out the DrillRdillo™ Drilling Scraper at maximum depth inside the casing when the bit will be at planned TD
  • Drill the open hole section as planned
  • Once drilling is complete, drop the activation ball to activate the scraper blades
  • Scrape the critical areas by reciprocating the pipe. Rotation is advantageous but not necessary due to the 360° design of the tool