The ARdVAC™ Venturi XTRactR™ Tool is a robust, Venturi type debris extraction tool which vacuums debris and junk from the wellbore. It can be deployed in most common casing or hole sizes and can be adapted to clean inside packer bores. It can be run individually or modularly as part of the ArmRdillo™ Wellbore Clean-Up System.


  • Available in 8-1/8” and 5-1/2” OD configurations with standard API connections
  • Ant-eater extension tubes available in 3-1/2” and 2-7/8” OD
  • Debris chambers can be easily extended for large cleanout jobs
  • Dual flapper non-return valve safely retains debris
  • Internal magnet sleeve captures ferrous debris
  • Changeable jetting nozzles for high and low circulation options


Cost savings

  • The ARdVAC™ Venturi XTRactR™ Tool efficiently removes junk and debris from the wellbore to quickly allow operations to resume
  • Adaptable with standard wash pipe connections to reduce mobilization and inventory cost

Increases Well Productivity

  • A properly executed wellbore clean-up reduces fine debris which can block screens and pore throats reducing well productivity
  • The filter screen captures sands, junk and debris which can block pore throats

Reducing Non-Productive Time

  • A robust wellbore clean-up is proven to reduce non-productive time during the completion of the well
  • Reduces premature failure of completion equipment by debris which can interfere with valves, electronics and other hardware


  • Pre-completion wellbore clean-up operations to remove debris from the wellbore which cannot be circulated out or removed by other methods
  • Workovers to remove milled packers and plugs
  • Removing sand and infill from production zones
  • Cleaning inside packer bores and above FIV’s
  • BOP cleaning
  • Fishing


  • The ARdVAC™ Venturi XTRactR™ Tool can be run separately or as part of a comprehensive wellbore clean-up string including a circulation sub, scraper, brush or magnet tools
  • Once spaced out above the area of interest circulation is established to create the Venturi effect. The operator then slacks off slowly while pumping. Debris is sucked into the debris chamber and retained within the tool
  • Once the area of interest has been clean, a circulation port can be opened if desired to allow a displacement or chemical cleanup to be carried out above the tool
  • The ARdVACTM Venturi XTractRTM can be emptied at surface, to inspect the contents, and if required redeployed quickly