When placed in the near-bit position, VidDa’s Sealed Bearing Roller Reamers will condition the hole above the bit and maintain intended well bore gauge as the bit wears, such that wear on BHA components due to hole restrictions is reduced. Additionally, the next new bit does not need to ream to bottom, thereby extending bit life and hence reducing the number of trips by ensuring a high-quality borehole.


When used in the string they will serve to maintain the wellbore gauge and remove key seats and ledges, leaving a well-conditioned bore which will facilitate well integrity by making casing and cementing operations easier.


The roller reamers will also provide torque reduction, which reduces overall section drilling time, as stick slip is reduced, and more energy is provided to the bit.


The cartridge design and patented retention method means more revolutions are possible before replacement of the roller.


  • Superior bearing life as the sealed and pressure equalized design prevents ingress of mud and debris whilst maintaining the high-temperature grease inside
  • High temperature seals as standard
  • Patented fail-safe secondary cutter retention system
  • The cartridge is a sub assembly unit, meaning redress of the tool is simple and reliable, with a safe rig removal method
  • Bi-directional cutters to allow for back reaming
  • Other BHA component life is extended as the hole is in gauge
  • Available in a range of sizes from 6-1/8″ to 28″