This tool has been designed and developed specifically to reduce rig time and overcome issues surrounding hole cleaning and lost circulation while drilling. This technology offers on demand activation in seconds without the need to drop a ball or dart, providing a better value proposition.


As part of your bottom hole assembly, our Multi-Activation Circulation Sub has been developed to not only solve the most difficult circulation problems, but to do so as effectively and reliably as possible.


It is an innovative tool which reduces safety risks and can provide substantial cost savings, minimising rig downtime breaking connections and waiting for balls or darts to circulate to bottom.


  • A patented internal mechanism allows flow ports in the outer body to be opened and closed in seconds from the surface
  • Upon activation, a shut-off mechanism closes the tool inner bore, allowing lost circulation material to be pumped out through the side ports
  • There are no electronics in the MACS – the tool functions with hydraulic pressure differentials, meaning there is also no requirement for flow
  • Eliminates the need to break the drill string as part of the process: no ‘ball’ or ‘dart’ devices required
  • Can be activated (opened or closed) as many times as required during an individual operation
  • Its activation/deactivation status can be instantly gauged on the drill floor by monitoring SPP