The VidDa Hole Cleaning Heavyweight (HCHW) utilises the same patented blade design as the Hole Cleaning Sub (HCS), but as applied to heavyweight pipe, where standard stand lengths are maintained for ease of handling and tripping.


Like the HCS, it is designed to agitate and re-suspend cuttings which have settled on the low side of the hole, particularly in highly deviated sections in excess of 40° where the build-up of cutting beds is often most acute.


The spiral upsets disperse cuttings from the low side of the hole for better hole cleaning, greatly reducing the risk of stuck pipe and differential sticking whilst also assisting to reduce torque and improve hydraulic performance.


The HCHW is aggressively priced to match standard heavyweight drillpipe costs. As it can be used in place of standard heavyweight at a similar cost, the customer can gain the hole cleaning aspect at no additional cost.


  • Incorporates the hole conditioning benefits of the Hole Cleaning Sub, which reduce drilling risk, improve wellbore integrity and ensure higher wellbore integrity in subsequent casing and cementing operations
  • Maintains standard stand lengths for ease of handling and tripping
  • Hard faced with casing friendly material to reduce casing and tool joint wear, promoting longer tool life
  • Ideal for remote locations or extended drilling such as geothermal and HPHT wells where torque build up can restrict the high RPM required to aid hole cleaning
  • Aggressively priced to match standard HWDP costs
  • Can also be offered as a drill pipe version