The Bore In Gauge (BIG) sub can be used in conventional and directional applications to help keep the bit directionally precise. In directional wells, the BIG sub will smooth the build section and reduce hole drag by maximising bit stability and minimising any tilting or spiraling which could result in unintentional sidetracking or corkscrew hole formation.


This reduces the number of trips to deliver a high quality, full gauge, wellbore to facilitate better casing and cementing operations for wellbore integrity: delivering optimised operations and reduced time.


  • Superior wear resistance when dressed with VDA-HF001 and also suitable for diamond impregnated inserts
  • Short body design enables placement between the mud motor and bit in directional applications
  • Provides continuous stabilization to deliver full-gauge hole with minimal vibration or excess torque at the bit
  • No moving parts to wear or fail
  • Available from 6″ to 17-1/2″