This tool provides an effective solution to the risk of severe vibrational loads causing damage to complex BHA equipment.


If placed near-bit, the Anti-Vibration Tool will protect the BHA from excess vibration, along with keeping the bit dynamically centered, promoting better borehole quality. If placed in the string above the BHA, it will decouple the BHA from drill string harmonics.


An internal involute spline mechanism allows the lower half of the tool to move a small amount axially and to flex, while not allowing rotation such that torque is transmitted through the string as normal. Elastomeric components in the assembly dampen these movements to limit lateral and axial shock loading on the internal assembly.


  • A short tool that reduces both axial and lateral shock loads
  • Promotes better borehole quality by dynamically centering the bit
  • Improves ROP and helps to prevent bit wander
  • Protects MWD/LWD electronics from exposure to severe vibrational loads from the bit
  • Decouples drill string harmonics from MWD/LWD electronics when run above the BHA
  • Can be used in both vertical and deviated wells, with motors or rotary BHAs
  • Suitable for both PDC and insert bits, in either case extending bit life