Occupational Safety and Health encompasses the social, mental and physical well-being of workers, that is the “whole person”.

Successful Occupational Safety and Health Programme requires the collaboration and participation of both employers and workers in the programme and involves the consideration of issues relating to engineering safety, occupational medicine, industrial hygiene, toxicology, education, ergonomics, psychology, etc.


Occupational Safety and Health Management System

Development of a safe working environment for staff and to develop a safety and health culture within an organisation inevitably begins with the implementation of an adequate Occupational Safety and Health Management System


Our Approach:

  • Safety & Health Audit – Evaluation of existing systems in place in respect to current legislation.
  • Evaluation of current health and safety status including general risk assessment of current control measures
  • Generation of site specific safe systems of work, procedures and risk controls
  • Complete Safety & Health Policy and Documentation
  • Compilation of a Prioritised Task Schedule allowing responsible persons for safety and health to implement safe systems of work, monitor and audit performance and control health and safety in the workplace.


Viddacom’s Safety & Health Management System can be tailored to suit the client’s requirements.


The system provides basis for achieving compliance with a management system of our clients’ choice eg. ISO 14001: 2015 EMS and ISO 45001 OSH MS, BS8800, HSG65, AS/NZ 4360, AS 4801 and the ILO 2001 Guidelines.


In addition the package can be segregated into its individual components and supplied as stand alone consultancy services.

Safety & Health Audit

Viddacom can assist your company in performing Compliance Audit of your facility which will include a review of:

  • Permits, Licences and Authorisations.
  • Correspondence with Regulatory Authorities
  • Manuals, Plans and Procedures/Working.
  • Complaints Records.
  • EHS Review and Plans
  • Training Records
  • Medical Surveillance Procedure
  • Accident/Incident Investigation and Records


We will prepare a report of our findings and recommendations. We will then assist your company in prioritizing items and developing an action plan.


Viddacom’s Consultants can advise your company of any proposed regulations which may affect your business. By taking a proactive approach your company can help to reduce the costs and avoid the confusion of trying to comply with a regulation after it has become effective.


Technical Document Preparation

Viddacom Team is highly experienced in preparing technical documents such as:

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Protection Plans
  • Emergency Planning Manuals
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Plans
  • Laboratory EHS Procedure
  • Hazard Communication Plans Preparedness & Prevention Plans
  • Safety & Health Plans
  • Waste Minimization Plans